Day 296 – Cruise PV

Morning weigh-in: 93.8kg

  • Daily LOSS – 0.6kgs / 1.32lbs
  • Total lost 18.5kg/40.7lbs

Watercheck – 2.7l – tea, coffee, 1.5l of pure water, and a G&T


  • 3x microwaved eggs
  • mug of tea

Morning snack (grazing throughout the morning)

  • Mug of tea
  • 150g strawberry Onken fat free yoghurt
  • 1x moist vanilla muffin with cocoa and cinnamon
  • 80g snack pack of carrots
  • a little Cathedral City cheese


  • Chicken salad with lettuce, tomato, capsicum, spring onion and a wee bit of goats cheese for flavour
  • 1x moist vanilla muffin with cocoa and cinnamon

Afternoon snack

  • Mug of coffee
  • Chocolate shapers pud


  • Chicken & vege stirfry – too salty by far
  • moist vanilla muffin x2 with lemon cream cheese frosting. NUM!
  • Gin and tonic (it was an emergency, I’m broken)


  • 25 min walk to work (felt more like a trudge)
  • 40 min walk home. Wow, who knew those muscles existed?

Oooh the pain.  The pain I’m feeling right now.  Even lifting my water glass is a trial. British Military Fitness certainly succeeded in working those muscles I never knew existed. And now I’m broken. I decided to walk to work today, because a) I didn’t think I’d be up for getting out for a walk after work, I’m that sore and b) I wasn’t sure that my poor quadriceps would survive cycling up some of Edinburgh’s brutal hills in the state they’re in.  Give me a few days to wallow in self-inflicted self pity, k?

I over shot my oatbran allowance today.  I had a gin and tonic, and a colossal amount of vege in the stir-fry.  I think it’s safe to say that tomorrow’s result on the scales is not going to be pretty, especially with the added water retention of wounded muscles all over.

God, I’m such a baby, listen to me.  But honestly, I actually can’t wait until I can move again without wincing, so that I can go inflict it on myself all over again.  BMF was just SO unpleasant while I was doing it, but by the time I went to bed last night, I was looking forward to the next session.  I’ve pretty much decided that I’m going to join up with a monthly membership, and try to go 2-3 times a week.  I don’t think there’s any way I can get a better workout than that.



2 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by Janis on April 8, 2011 at 8:55 pm

    What a fantastic blog! And very timely for me(week one)to find.

    Can I ask? How do you get into the habit of drinking the right amount of fluids? I am struggling and find myself having to guzzle loads late in the evening.


  2. Hi Janis,

    Sorry for the delay getting back to you…

    For my fluid intake, I try to pour myself a litre jug of water or diet squash in the morning as I start my working day. I also have a 500ml glass on my desk, so it only takes two pours of the jug to get through 2 glasses full. If I remember to drink this amount in the morning, then by midday I’m ready to re-fill the jug, which I usually get most of the way through by 5pm (home time.)

    I’ll have had maybe 3 cups of tea or coffee throughout the day, at 350ml each, so that’s a litre right there – it all adds up! 😉

    This is a relatively easy way of doing things if you work a desk job – it might be different if you’re a student going from class to class, or work somewhere less sedentary. Of course, if you’re not working a desk job, then you probably have less of the need to follow the Dukan Diet! 😉

    Keep in touch, Janis! Good luck!



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