Day 316 – Cruise PP

Morning weigh-in: 95.4kg

  • Total lost 16.9kg/37.18lbs

Watercheck – 2.3l – water, tea and sugarfree squash


  • Oatbran & flaxseed bread with extra light philly and vegemite
  • Mug of tea

Morning snack

  • Mug of tea


  • 1.5 Tescos chicken breasts
  • 3 roast beef slices
  • 2 teaspoons of extra light philly

Afternoon snack

  • small handful of cashews, walnuts and peanuts (not so Dukan friendly, but if can avoid the cakes in the kitchen, then it’s a good compromise.)


  • 1/2 a chicken breast
  • 100g natural activia yoghurt with a little splenda
  • 3x microwaved eggs
  • 25 mins cycling to and from work
  • 10 mins walk around the Meadows
  • 1 hour British Military Fitness session

Not such a good weekend.  However, yesterday and today have been better.  I’m officially signed up to British Military Fitness now, and went to another session tonight, and will be going every Tuesday and Thursday.  I got in a good hour long cycle (uphill!) yesterday, and (this is totally exciting) I have signed up for the local Women’s Roller Derby league, which practices every Sunday.  So we’re talking, enforced heavy exercise three times a week.

In terms of what I’m eating, well.  We ate steamed veggies with our chicken last night, and a simple, old school dinner for me tonight – back to basics, and natural yoghurt with no other flavouring than sweetener.  Activia is the best, but I’m going to try the Onken fat free natural this week.

I have also made a commitment to eat more vegetables on vege days.  No more of this multiple PP days to make up for a day’s indiscretion – it’s just too unhealthy. In fact, that’s the biggest criticism that healthcare experts have about Dukan, that people overcompensate for sins by piling on the PP days and not enough PV days.

THIS IS NOT A GOOD THING! Don’t do it! Don’t follow my bad example.  Get your vege every day, lots of leafy greens, or your hair will fall out. 😉 Here endeth the scary part of the blog.

When you do this diet *properly* (which I have not been doing since before Christmas, really) it should be well balanced and one should be getting enough nutrients to ensure a healthy diet.

In other news – there were lots of tray bakes, cakes, sandwiches and fruit left over from a meeting at work today, and you’ll be pleased to know that I avoided them all.  I even managed, after I got a little icing on my finger from packing away the leftover cake into a tupperware container, to wash the icing off my finger rather than lick it off – I know that once I got a taste for it, current habits mean that my resolve would have gone out the window.

Bad habits= BAD! Good habits, however, = GOOD!

We’re cookin’ with gas.

2 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by Sara on April 20, 2011 at 1:46 am

    Vegies are good!
    Love my vegies!
    Vegies forever!


  2. Absolutely agree!! Keep on movin!


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