Day 318 – Cruise PV

Morning weigh-in: 95.1kg

  • Daily LOSS 0.3kg / 0.66lbs
  • Total lost 17.2kg/37.84lbs

Watercheck – 2.4l – water, tea and sugarfree squash


  • Oatbran & flaxseed bread with extra light philly and vegemite
  • 2x scrambled eggs
  • Mug of tea

Morning snack

  • Mug of tea
  • Mug of peppermint tea
  • small handful of cashews, walnuts and peanuts


  • Chicken salad with capsicum, cherry tomatoes, spring onion and a little goats cheese

Afternoon snack

  • small handful of cashews, walnuts and peanuts


  • Same chicken salad as lunchtime – NOM!
  • 1 scottish slimmers venison sausage
  • 3 mini pork sausages – low in fat and only trace carbs.
  • 40 mins cycling around town
OK, so despite the fact that my evening weigh-in was really very high (higher numbers than I’ve seen in months and months, very demoralising) I still managed a .3kg loss on the scales this morning.  Score one for British Military Fitness.  I’m feeling ok today, compared to the day after my trial session, which I attribute to a) it being my second session and b) having a slightly kinder instructor last night who didn’t feel the need to punish us, but instead entertained us with games.
Seriously though, folks – if you have a BMF group (or international equivalent) anywhere nearby, I can’t recommend it enough.  I’m overweight.  Despite having lost 17kgs (and more than that, 4 months ago) I’d still consider myself seriously overweight.  I’m relatively fit for my build, but compared to the general population, I’m definitely on the unfit side.  BMF is a challenge for me, but not an unsurmountable one.  If I can do it – YOU can do it! 🙂

One response to this post.

  1. Hi Charlotte… been a while. Hope you are doing OK. Your flat line consolidation turned into a slight incline — glad you caught on to the trend in time.

    We LOVE the Oatbran & flaxseed bread — but it’s really not safe! LOL. You need to be thinking of this as a treat — and don’t mention the cheese! The vegemite is high in salty msg, so it’ll skew your scales big time. Dave adores nuts, but they are seriously bad news on the Dukan – -he used to say that they were high in protein and ought to be ok, but they aren’t. Big treat item is nuts.
    I’m not sure about the little goats cheese — would it be worse if it came from a big goat? LOL.
    When we did cruise last year, we steered well clear of pork. We were like Muslims or Jews in our fastidiousness. Even the lowest fat stuff — there’s something weird about pork, and we don’t mean that you’ll get tape worms or that it’s salty and therefore water-retaining, just that Dukan says his trials showed that it’s simply best to avoid it entirely. Boy, we totally missed sausages for three months. Bizarre — but true!
    A weird thing for us was that exercise did two things — it made us crave carbs big time, and it made us burn muscle and tissue rather than fat, (especially overnight) leaving us sore and knackered. Doc Dukan recommends extra carbs for exercise — but you have to get the timing just right; you need these carbs right before you exercise so they’ll definitely be used.
    When we think of what we did last year, we’re amazed — zero alcohol and zero bread, gawd! We didn’t even have yogurt until well into the diet. Looking back, it seems harder than it was at the time. We keep thinking how did we actually do it? But at the time, it seemed pretty easy to be honest.
    Must be a mindset or timing thing – what do you think?
    What did the playlist end up being? Are you getting a trek roon the meadows of an evening or what? Good news — April/May and June are the official best times to lose fat — maybe something to do with June weddings?


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