Day 346 – Attack day 2 of 7

Morning weigh-in: 96kg – EEK!!

  • Total lost 16.3kg/35.86lbs

Watercheck – 3.6l – tea, coffee, water and vodka with pineapple.


  • Oatbran & flaxseed toast
  • Mug of tea
Morning snack
  • Mug of coffee with milk
  • 5 pieces of grilled chicken bites


  • 2x small grilled venison burgers
  • 2x gluten free cumberland sausages (yes, I know, they’re pork, but they’re low carb!)
  • grilled chicken bites

Afternoon snack

  • Vanilla Muller Light (Tolerated #1)


  • 2x small grilled venison burgers (the Highland Game type)
  • Some vodka with pineapple juice.  I never said I was perfect.


  • 25 mins cycling to and from work
I can definitely feel myself shedding excess water today.  Especially if the trips to the toilet all day were any indication – then again, I did end up drinking almost 4 litres of liquid, and 1.5l of that was plain ol’ water with no low-cal cordial added, which is a good thing.
I ended up not going for my walk today, cause a friend had asked me to help re-hem a shirt of hers to make it shorter, so my evening was a bit chewed up.  We did manage to create a much more wearable dress (my friend is practically hobbit-sized…)
Anyway, further in and further up! 🙂

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