Day Three – Attack

Morning weigh in: 96.9kg

Daily LOSS 0.5kg / 1.1lbs
Total loss 2kg / 4.4lbs

Watercheck 2.5l including tea, diet coke, water and sugarfree cordial.


  • 3 x microwaved eggs (need extra energy for roller derby this afternoon
  • Oatbran porridge


  • 3 mini kabana sticks (didn’t want to be full for training)


  • A few bites of stirfried Beef in black pepper sauce (a failure. I accidentally used tablespoons of baking soda rather than teaspoons. Oops…)
  • 3x microwaved eggs
  • 3 slices of ham
  • 2x fat free chocolate puds with sweetener.  I was HUNGRY after derby practice, and bummed that my beef didn’t work.


  • 2 hours roller derby training (omg the paaaaaiiiiin)
  • 20 mins brisk walking

Oh wow, derby was tough today.  I think my wheels are in urgent need of cleaning/replacing, and it felt like every lap of the track was a humongous effort.  I have plans this week to take off all my wheels, pop out the bearings, and give everything a good clean.  I was sitting on the track today, pulling a stack of gunk (including long hair, probably belonging to the previous owner) from the axles.  If there’s that much crap just on the outside, I dread to think what’s on the inside!  I managed 16 laps in 5 minutes during the “25 in 5” trial – the goal is to get 25 laps of the track in 5 minutes – that’s one lap every 12 seconds.  Considering my first attempt was 11 laps a few weeks ago, and my wheels are crappy right now, I’m ok with that.  Next week, with cleaner bearings and potentially grippier wheels (my wheels are slipping all over the track right now) I hope to improve on that.

I also resisted drinking beer and eating nachos at the pub we go to after practice.  I drank 2 diet cokes instead, and walked home rather than getting a lift with a friend.

Unfortunately I screwed up my stirfry recipe today, and ended up putting in about 4 times more baking soda in the beef marinade than I should have done.  J and I ate maybe 8 mouthfuls each, and gave up.  Yuck.

So by that stage, after an intensive 2 hour skating session, I was hungry. I ended up overdoing the shapers chocolate puds, and had THREE eggs with dinner, yolks included.  Dukan does not recommend this due to the fat/cholesterol content in the eggs, but I popped a Xenical with them so I don’t feel so bad.  Also, there’s no history of cholesterol issues in my family.  It should be noted that Dukan doesn’t recommend using Xenical, partly on the grounds of how expensive it is, however my GP thoroughly recommends it.  Plus, prescriptions are now free under the NHS  in Scotland, so I get all my Xenical for free.  So – if you want to do Pure Dukan, or you’re just starting out so you want to make sure you know where you stand, don’t take Xenical.  It’s right for me, but it’s not for everyone – especially not the “treatment effects” if you have too much fat in a meal when you take one – eek!

3 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by jo mccue on June 13, 2011 at 7:01 am

    fab to see u back charlotte.
    take 2 – u will succeed im sure.
    roller derby – fantastic that you followed it up – sounds brilliant fun.
    im ploddng on with CONS – exercising like a lunatic cos i recently joined Bannatynes gym – got a personal assessment and plan, love the classes and enjoy the spa afterwards. its turned into my second home. but this year my body shape is the priority. spent all last year shifting the flab so this year its toning up time.
    ur doing well charlotte.
    u r the dd guru – keep going mate – u will succeed. xxxxx


  2. Posted by Jeanette on June 13, 2011 at 9:19 pm

    Hi Charlotte
    Well done on starting again. I have been struggling so much. After the initial quick weight loss I just lost my motivation. It has been great to come back online and check out my old Dukan buds. You have inspired me. I have been sort of sticking to Dukan – very little carbs but struggling with chocolates big time. It is so cold here in South Africa – which is where I am for a few months – that all I want to do is EAT. Will start checking in regularly and like I said before well done on getting back on track. xxx


  3. […] Mmm, I do believe the Dukan Showcase Feast was a success.  Lee-Anne is not a huge fan of red meat, but I thought I’d try the beef with black peppers anyway. It was much more of a success than the last time I tried it… […]


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