Day Four – Attack

Morning weigh in: 97.2kg

Daily GAIN 0.3kg / 0.66lbs
Total loss 1.7kg / 3.74lbs

Watercheck 1.8l including tea and sugarfree cordial.


  • 2 x microwaved eggs
  • Oatbran porridge


  • 3/4 of a Tesco roast chicken, no skin
Afternoon snack
  • Fat free peach Activia with artificial sweeteners
  • Mini babybel light


  • A pure protein version of the kung pao chicken on my Fave Recipes page.  I put in the spring onions and garlic, but no peanuts.  I did use a little veggie oil though.
  • 2x chocolate shaper puddings (fat free with artificial sweetners.  I really need to work out how to make these myself!)


  • 35 mins cycling to and from work, and to the Tesco at lunch time
  • 27 mins brisk walking around the Meadows

Hurray, I got my walk in today!  It was mostly a good day, apart from those chocolate puddings.  They have artificial sweetener in them, but they do have a bit of real sugar too, not good.

I’m not fussed about the weight being up a bit today – Monday weigh ins are always higher than weekend ones, just cause I weigh myself about 3-4 hours later on weekends – that in itself is enough to make me shed a few hundred grams, not to mention my … ahem … my mid-morning toilet break.  Here’s hoping tomorrow morning is better. 🙂

3 responses to this post.

  1. Hi Charlotte, are the shapers pudding the Boots ones? ill have to have a look. Im just making do with muller light vanilla and activia 0% fat rasberry at the moment with some sugar free jelly and my chocolate muffins but It would be handy to know of something vaguely Dukan I can get whilst out and about.


    • Hi hun,

      No, they’re not the Boots ones – they’re made by Danone. You can really only get them at places like Sainsburys and some co-ops. They’re also not very Dukan friendly! 😉

      I really wish that the big brands would get off their arses and make some truly low-carb snacks, it’s really annoying. Maybe we should start an email campaign…

      Charlotte x


      • Email campaign sounds like a plan 😉 We can’t even get these products in Australia, but I wouldn’t mind low carb versions of other things anyway. Actually, I would like low-carb, or in fact Dukan friendly recipes at local restaurants 😛

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