Bloggers unite!

OK, so as you can probably tell from the lack of updates, I’ve not been doing so well on the Dukan thing recently.  I let it all go last December and never really got back into it.

However, recent return of Gentlemonkey has helped coalesce my determination, and I’m taking some inspiration from her.  She and I started the diet not too far apart, last year.  We both lost about the same amount of weight, and then she went to Japan, and I stopped watching the carbs, and we both put on the same amount of weight. Eeek!

She’s restarting tomorrow. I’m going to follow her very good example, and restart tomorrow too! We have a Tesco order arriving today with a whole stack of MEAT! A five day attack later, and we’ll be back to Cruising altitude (or rather, Cruising ATTITUDE! YEAH!)

I’m feeling much more organised today than the last time I tried to re-launch the diet.  I’ve put together a meal plan for this week (and have run it past J to make sure that he’s happy with it) and it even includes things like what evening prep I need to do to prepare for lunch the next day.

We’re off to see the solicitor later on today to talk about finalising missives on the house purchase (did I mention we got our mortgage approved? We’re gonna be homeowners!!!) and then I’m coming home to:

1) tidy the kitchen and clean out the freezer
2) tidy the house while waiting for the Tesco order
3) take delivery of the Tesco order
4) cook and prepare a LOT of food, and package it up in the freezer
5) tidy the rest of the house (for some reason dieting is easier in a house that’s not messy. It makes me feel like less of a slob…)

Here’s my food prep list:

  • Cut up chicken breasts into Chicken Nugget sized pieces, marinate, package up into single servings
  • Cook up a large batch of Taco Mince
  • Prepare mini quiches en masse and freeze most of them, apart from the ones we’re having for dinner tomorrow night
  • Cook up 5 portions of oatbran porridge

It’s Festival Time in Edinburgh right now, not easy at all for a Dukaneer, and I have stuff on EVERY night this week – taking in 2 shows, dinner with visiting relatives, meetings with Roller Derby committees (I’m totally getting into the admin of Roller Derby) and I’m giving a database training session after work too.  The weekend is taken up with a Tea Party on Saturday and a friends BBQ on Sunday, followed by Roller Derby on Sunday afternoon.  I don’t know how I’m going to fit it all in, but knowing that most of the food we’re going to be eating this week will be pre-prepared will be a weight off my mind.

I have the week off next week, which is actually going to be a bit problematic – my number one response to solitude is to EAT. Hopefully a meal plan will help circumvent that one.

Right Gentlemonkey – are we ready? GO GO GO!!

4 responses to this post.

  1. Blogger unite sound like a call to war! A war on flab! Great to hear all your prep plans, I need to get better at preparing things and freezing portions. I work long hours and that kind of preparation will make it easier to make good evening meal choices, if I know there’s something yummy in the freezer. Sounds like your even busier! I’m gonna follow your lead and make a big curry and some taco mince, some turkey meatballs and freeze it all for later. Great to hear from you, I’m 0.7lbs away from being one hundred and something after 8 years of two hundred and something and although we don’t even know each other, I owe you and your blog alot of thanks for that. Your blog gave me inspiration, motivation and laughter and I just want to send you a big cyber-hug for helping get me started with the Dukan. ;@)


  2. Welcome back to Charlotte. It is fantastic to be able to read this blog from you today. I too have had very little success recently going backwards and forwards, upwards and downwards on the scales. Every time I have thought I would relaunch my dukan diet, I have used it as evidence that I can lose weight and then I have gone back and eaten all the things I should not: large chocolate chip cookies, cake, full fat cheese, etc.
    Well today marks the beginning of the rest of my life! (Why does that sound so familiar?)
    I am serious now though. I am joining you tomorrow morning. I am also going to take inspiration from Julie K for exercise.
    Wish me luck.


  3. Posted by Jeanne on August 7, 2011 at 6:25 pm

    Go go go Charlotte! All that roller derbying has got to help a lot — you weren’t doing THAT in previous iterations of Dukan. You were a great inspiration for Cary & me also — we may owe our life to you — THANK YOU! Love you — hope to follow a derby bout play-by-play on FB soon with you and E competing!


  4. We are ready! Good luck with your start today 🙂 Sounds like we are as excited as each other 😀
    Dukaneers are coming out of the woodwork and it’s brilliant! And I reckon we are starting at a decent time to be looking hot hot HOT for Summer! 😉 (and forever of course :P)


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