Restart prep

I’m getting kinda excited now too…

Today our Tesco order arrived, delivering the following:

Fresh fruit & vege

  • 5 onions
  • Bunch of spring onions
  • packet of cherry tomatoes


  • Lean smoked bacon (for quiches)
  • 2kgs lean steak mince (for burgers and taco mince)
  • 1kgs lean pork mince (for burgers)
  • Roasted salmon fillets (for thai salmon fishcakes
  • 2 venison burgers (for trying out)
  • 3kg chicken fillets

Dairy & eggs

  • Skimmed milk
  • 48 free range eggs (yes, you read that right. We loves our eggs, we does)
  • 500g fat free fromage frais – stacks better than any other kind of yoghurt, I’ve decided

I already have things like spices, garlic etc. The last thing I ordered that’s Dukan-related is, of course, freezer bags – essential!

I spent the afternoon cleaning and cooking.  I’ve prepared the following:

  • 5 servings of chicken breast and 4 of chicken thigh (chopped into nugget sizes & marinated)
  • 3 servings of taco mince
  • 6 servings of beef & pork burger mince
  • 48 mini quiches (we ate 8 of them while they were still hot and juicy – YUM! I hope they freeze well…)

Edited to add: I also cooked up 5 days worth of oatbran porridge and packaged them up in tupperware containers. 🙂

3 responses to this post.

  1. Awesome effort with the cooking! I was so lazy yesterday that I couldn’t be stuffed cooking during the day so I had to do it late at night, but then we went to bed so late for a Sunday night 😦 BUT we are all prepared and ready to go. So this morning I am sleepy and organised 😛
    Let me know how the mini quiches freeze xo


  2. Nice one! everso organised. I note you mention the from frais is easier to stack – i only have a small under worktop fridge and its a nightmare rtying to put everything in. Ive gone for activia vanilla fat free yogs in the end because, unlike the muller lights, they do stack better. the Mullers were driving me batty falling over all the time!


    • HA! When I say it’s stacks better, I mean it’s “much” better. As in, it tastes better. Better texture, better flavour – everything. I love it. But I guess the 500g tubs of Light Choices Fromage Frais at Tesco are nice and squat, so they would stack better… 😉


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