Day Four – Attack

Morning weigh in: 98.8kg

Daily LOSS: 0.1kgs / 0.22lbs (ok, no more peanuts for me, as promised.)
Total loss: 1.0kgs / 2.2lbs

Watercheck 1.8l coffee, coke zero & water


  • 3 microwaved eggs
  • oatbran porridge with sweetener & cinnamon

Morning snack

  • Chicken thigh pieces


  • Chicken breast and thigh peices
  • fat free natural yoghurt with sweeteners
  • low fat cheese stick

Afternoon snack

  • a few bites of leftover chicken, which had gone cold, hard and chewy. Eww. I was nearly crying with frustration at how much I wanted a biscuit from the cookie jar at work. Resisted heroically, however. Yay. 🙂
  • a Skinny Cow hot chocolate


  • 2 beef burghers
  • 2 jalapeno sausages (gluten free – lowish-carb)
  • TWO servings of stewed rhubarb & yoghurt. OM NOM NOM!


  • 25 mins cycling to and from work
  • 10 mins brisk walking to the veggie shop to buy RHUBARB!
I know that I need to get more exercise than I’m getting right now. The weather has been AWFUL this week, but the forecast is better for today and the weekend. More walking – yay! 🙂

6 responses to this post.

  1. Oh rhubarb – I am longing for some ‘fruit’ didn’t realise I could have rhubarb. Thanks for that.


    • I know! I’m exactly the same – have been craving some fruit, looking longingly at the peaches and nectarines in the vege shops. But a bit of rhubarb will do the trick! 🙂 Glad I could help.



  2. Gonna get some rhubarb today defo. I might sweeten it with my sugar free caramel syrup.Really feel for you over the afternoon snack – you did good girl, you did good.


    • Ooh, I have some of that caramel syrup. The one I have is flavoured with Maltitol though, I think – a sugar alcohol which is not as carb-free as sucralose. People with diabetes find that it really affects their blood sugar levels, which to me is an indicator that it’s not great for people following low-carb diets.

      (Can you tell I bought all my “sugarfree” stuff before I learned anything about what “sugarfree” really means? 😉


  3. I didn’t know we are allowed to have rhubarb on the diet, that’s great! Maybe I could make something sweet-ish of it…

    Good job resisting the cookie temptation – it is certainly the hardest thing to do, resisting temptations at work I mean.


    • I know! Hurray for rhubarb, it’s making my yoghurt eating so much easier! 🙂 No more fruit yoghurts for me, it’s rhubarb all the way! (and it keeps you regular!)


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