Recipe: Stewed Rhubarb

Super easy recipe devised to help me wean myself off the desire for sugary fruit Yoghurts

Suitable for

  • PP (100g tolerated on a PP day)
  • PV (unlimited on a PV day!)


  • 2 cups of raw diced rhubarb
  • 1/4 cup water
  • (UPDATED:) a pinch of salt, which helps to deepen the flavour and counteracts the “empty sweetness” that comes with using sweetener instead of sugar.
  • Sweetener to taste


1. chuck water and rhubarb in pot

Halfway to cooked

2. put pot over stove
3. turn heat up to Ludicrous Speed
4. stir occasionally, until it goes gloopy:

5. Add sweetener to taste. I had to put in a fair whack – it was pretty TART! But bear in mind what I said about sweeteners – the spoon for spoon ones are not really very good, as they bulk the artificial sweetener out with maltodextrin or dextrose – both of which are easily digestible carbs. Bad bad BAD spoon for spoon. No cookie.

6. Serve with fat-free natural yoghurt. NOM! 🙂

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