Day 10 – Cruise PP

Morning weigh in: 97.5kg

Daily LOSS: 0.3kgs / 0.66lbs
Total loss: 2.3kgs / 5.06lbs

Watercheck 1.6l – sugarfree cordial, coffee


  • oatbran porridge
  • 3 microwaved eggs

Morning snack

  • 0% greek yoghurt with stewed rhubarb


  • Grilled cheese and ham on flaxseed & oatbran foccacia bread (I know – a double serving of oatbran, but it was either this or cave to the carb cravings. I had it BAD today!)


  • Grilled chicken thigh fillets


  • 40 mins brisk walking into town for a meeting and back home again

OK, so I didn’t quite manage my weigh-in before 9.30am this morning. Β I was up again at 3.30am with horrid cramps and so slept through J leaving for work early this morning. My weigh-in eventually happened at 10.30am, and was actually down to 97.3. I deducted 200g off that for laziness in sleeping in. πŸ˜‰

I had a seriously carb craving day today. I was really on the verge of popping down to the store to pick up something naughty like a packet of crisps or some chocolate or something. Thank god I resisted – that could have been the beginning of the end – I believe I got as far as Day 10 on the last reboot before I surrendered to the Carb Monster.

Being at home alone is often a problem for me, food-wise – solitude has always been equated in my mind with “permission to eat like a pig so that noone can see me and judge me.” So places like cinemas (in the dark) or travelling (most often done alone for me) are massive triggers. Β Home alone is another massive one. So to have coped without binging for THREE days on my own at home while I’ve been on leave this week has been a massive challenge, but one that I’m really proud to have made it through thus far.

The next couple of days are actually pretty busy even though I’m on leave. Link the Cat is going to the vet tomorrow to get his outdoor jabs, and to get microchipped too, all ready for his first forays into the outside world of Our Garden in September. I really hope he copes…

We’ve also got my cousin and a good friend coming over for dinner tomorrow night (say “hi”, Lee-Anne!) and all three of us are at different points in Dukan. Β My cousin does it on and off when she needs to lose a few pounds for an audition. Lee-Anne’s thinking about trying it out – so I’m cooking up a Dukan feast tomorrow to see how she likes it. πŸ™‚

This is also the reason for a second PP day today, because tomorrow needs to be a PV day so I’m swapping things around a bit.

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  1. Well done for resisting those dreaded carbs. I wonder what it is about day 10, biologically speaking? There must be a reason, a final rebellion by your body realising it has to work harder to make gycogen now the last of your carb stores are gone?


    • I know! It’s weird, isn’t it?

      I bet there’s some kind of psychological thing going on too – that you’ve managed a week, then you’ve managed a little over a week and you start to forget your sense of determination? Fortunately not this time though! Phew!

      Charlotte xx


  2. Posted by Lee-Anne on August 18, 2011 at 1:37 pm

    Saying “HI”. Looking forward to tonight sweetie.
    I’m already low carbing and low fatting although I caved today as I had no time to prepare my lunch and with the festival being on it’s just a nightmare out there so I grabbed a roll on my travels. So learning some tricks from you would be great as you know I’m not a huge meat eater. Trying to do a PP day is pretty tough for me and I get headaches easy when doing that. Trying to find something to snack on on a PP is difficult too. Any way, I could ramble on but will be seeing you tonight!
    LA x


  3. That’s so interesting how you wrote that being home alone (or being alone in general) is often a trigger for you to eat.

    For me, it’s the opposite — when I’m home alone I’m usually pretty good food-wise, but it’s when I’m out with friends that I feel like I want to eat, eat, eat. Wish I could find some sort of happy balance in the middle…


    • Yeah, it’s interesting, these little triggers that send us off the deep end. I really feel like people are judging me if I eat bad things when I’m out with mates. And at work, they know that I’m supposed to be doing Dukan, so question me every time I have something bad. This means that being alone at work has become another trigger – if everyone’s out for one reason or another and it’s just me at my end of the office, I tend to want to go find a biscuit or something…

      Here’s to the happy balance! πŸ™‚


  4. Posted by sue on August 18, 2011 at 3:46 pm

    I manage my carb craving by making bread and eating it throughout the day.
    I use 2 tbsp of oatbran 1tbsp wheatbran, 1 tsp baking powder, 1 egg, 2 ish tbsp fromage blanc, lots of pepper.
    I mix all this together and leave for a minute then I put it into silicone molds that the same shape and size as rice cakes. In the microwave for 3,2O minutes, then I put them on a rack to cool.
    For breakfast i have 2 of these toasted with cheese and ham or chocolate spread, then the others I eat through the day when I need them. They are MUCH better when they are toasted. They also make excellent burger buns and good with eggs for eggs on toast.
    Hope this helps


    • Posted by Linda on August 18, 2011 at 9:37 pm

      Hi Sue
      The bread sounds fab, but two questions:
      1. Can you have wheatbran on cruise? Is it in the cereal isle at the supermarket? and
      2. What is fromage blanc? I don’t eat yoghurt, is it yoghurt?
      Thanks, Linda πŸ™‚


    • I hear you, Sue – the bread can make all the difference. I make it with flaxseed as well, which helps to … ahem … keep one regular. πŸ˜‰



  5. Good job resisting the temptation! I am the same way as you – whenever home alone, I am tempted to eat and eat and eat…

    Ok, this is quite random, but your post made me think of something that is kind of the opposite of what you described. You know the feeling when you go to your friend’s / parents / grandparents house for a meal, hear them praise you for dieting and “doing so well”, but then get completely offended if you don’t eat the food they’ve cooked no matter how bad it is for the diet? It’s a tricky situation; should you be polite or should you obey your diet? Ever had that? πŸ˜›

    Anyway, despite my bout of randomness, just wanted to say that you’re doing well, Charlotte! 10 days and 5 pounds gone – well done! πŸ˜‰


    • Oooh, that sounds like a challenge, Melly-Sue. I don’t think I’ve ever actually been in that situation yet – most people who know me well enough to have me around for dinner know what my dietary requirements are (though I have no parents/grandparents nearby – and my parents are totally on board with the protein only lifestyle – my dad cured his diabetes by doing Atkins really strictly) so it’s not an issue that I’ve come up against.

      I guess it comes down to how much offence you’d cause if you don’t eat the food they cooked. If I went to a friend’s house and they cooked a meal just for me, I’d probably have to eat it no matter how bad I knew it would be. And then I’d do a couple of days of PP – no harm done. The only thing that would worry me would be whether it would bring back carb cravings…

      And as for my progress – what about YOURS!!!?? 11lbs in 34 days, that’s brilliant! πŸ™‚

      Keep it up sweetie!



  6. Looking forward to hear what your dukan feast entails. Good job on avoiding those carbs, I eat out of boredom when Im home alone and i tend to be quite a secretive snacker and more take it or leave it when its a case that im actually allowed to be eating whatever it is, funny the little habits we have πŸ™‚ x


    • Feast details shall ensue shortly. I wish I’d got a photo of it all! πŸ™‚

      Secretive snacking is a real issue for me too! I love it, but I always hate myself afterwards…



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