Day 20 – Cruise PV

Morning weigh in: 96.0kgs

Daily LOSS: 0.3kgs / 0.66lbs
Total loss: 3.9kgs / 8.58lbs

Watercheck:  Too much alcohol, not enough water…

Brunch (a full cooked breakfast, yum!)

  • Mug of tea
  • 3 gluten free low carb sausages
  • scrambled eggs
  • a grilled tomato
  • crispy bacon with all the fat cut off
  • Oatbran & flaxseed toast

Afternoon snack

  • Cheese crisp! (nom!)


  • Chinese meal, with no rice or noodles
  • Chicken wings for starters, which I didn’t realise came in batter. Ugh. Not proper Chinese cooking – it was Scottish chinese cooking. Never going back to that place again. I ate it anyway, I was super hungry!

Bad stuff

  • Too much vodka & bourbon, but at least with diet mixers.
  • A whole lot of sweeties


  • 5 games of laser tag
  • lots and lots of dancing out on the town

OK, so I managed to get down to my lowest weight yet on the reboot, and then ruined it all by going a bit crazy at a night out with my Derby girls. I had chinese with some friends (worst restaurant ever – don’t ever go to Xanadu in Edinburgh!) skipped the rice and noodles, but had to eat the chicken wings I’d ordered which were covered in batter.

By the time we’d arrived at the lazer tag place, I’d had a half bottle of red wine, and was feeling adventurous, so I somehow ended up going on a bit of a sugar fix – there were bags of sweeties at the laser tag centre, and I went a bit crazy, gobbling jelly beans. Within 5 minutes, I’d hit the roof on a sugar high. Then by 15 minutes in, I was feeling a bit sick. I used up all that energy running around shooting people with my laaayyysrrrrs (pew pew, DIE GREEN TEAM!) but it was not a Good Idea.

After that, we went out on the town and danced until 3am at Bannermans (I love that pub!) before stumbling home. I was determined that if we walked fast, we’d get home sooner (despite the fact that I was starting to hurt all over) so I forced J into a power walk. We stopped by a kebab place on the way home, and fortunately they had no chicken doner left or I might have been tempted by that too – I have a real weakness for chicken doner meat… But thanks goodness, there was none, else I’d have been up more on the scales the next day than I already was. But that’s a story for the next post. 😉

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