Day 26 – Cruise PV

Morning weigh in: 95.3kgs

Daily LOSS: 0.2kgs /0.44lbs
Total loss: 4.6kgs /10.12lbs

Watercheck:  3.6l – tea, low cal cordial and water


  • Mug of tea
  • 3 microwaved eggs
  • Oatbran porridge with cinnamon

Morning snack

  • Gluten free cumberland sausage
  • 2 rashers of lean bacon


  • 1.5 breasts worth of chicken nuggety bites
  • 1.5 low(ish)-carb burger patties
  • 1 cumberland sausage


  • bad bad bad! I had Chinese – but northern chinese style cooking – lower in sugar and cornflour. And I skipped the rice.


  • 40 min cycle to and from work, and about town

OK – so we’re still heading in the right direction, fortunately.

Not so fortunately (though I don’t regret it!) I caved and got a takeaway Chinese for dinner this evening. Y’know that bad news I was expecting on Monday? Well, it came today instead. As it turns out, it might not be as bad as I was fearing, but I was still a bit shook up. I had after-work drinks with a friend to talk me through the horrible “R” word (ie “Redundancy”) and had a few glasses of wine. Then went home via the best chinese restaurant outside of Northern China, the Wing Sing Inn. It’s not flavourless western/cantonese food – we’re talking spicy, flavourful northern cooking with plenty of chillies. Definitely not Dukan-Approved, however, as it’s rather high in fat, and I’m sure has at least a little sugar added.

I think that if I looked at another chicken breast today, I’d have screamed and thrown up, in equal measure.

Please be patient throughout my little tantrum. I promise I’ll be back on track from tomorrow… 🙂

12 responses to this post.

  1. Hi Charlotte,
    I read your post and all I wanted to say is that
    you are a great source of inspiration for me and
    I will be there tomorrow with you… and Dukan!!!!



    • Aww, thanks Julie! It’s funny, people leave comments like this and say that I’m a source of inspiration to them, when in fact it’s people like you who are a source of inspiration for me!! 🙂 🙂 🙂

      Charlotte xx


  2. Hi Charlotte… sorry about the bit of bad news. 😦

    You’ll head right on back to the Dukan track tomorrow. I don’t know about you, but I’m an emotional eater. Got bad news about my daughter’s health yesterday and was SO grateful that there wasn’t any bad food in the house… otherwise I’d be right there with you!

    Keep inspiring us!



    • Oh no! So sorry to hear about your daughter – I hope that works out. If it’s the same daughter who leaves comments on your blog – you seem like such a close family! I thought her comments were just SO lovely! I’ll be sending thoughts and mojo your way, and hers by proxy. 🙂



  3. Posted by Robs on September 3, 2011 at 8:33 am

    Hi C 🙂

    Don’t beat yourself up about it!! The secret is to KEEP on GOING!!! As much as we would all like to stick to this program for how ever long, it’s just not human not to have a slip now and then. I’m sure you’ll be extra good today 😉 Amazing result yesterday… So pleased & proud of you.

    Love Robs xx

    ps… It’s been 11 days for me now. When would say you started noticing a difference in your clothes? I have 20 to lose.


    • Hey Robs,

      Yep, you’re right – the secret is to just pick up where you left off. 🙂

      I probably didn’t start noticing a change in how my clothes fit until about 7 or 8 weeks into the process – but then again, I was a large 22 – verging on 24 (which is what made me kick myself into action and start Dukan last year in the first place) so I had to basically go into a “all my clothes fit well” phase before moving into the “all my clothes look baggy on me” phase. And then it was at that stage that I started making all my own clothes because a) it would have cost a fortune to replace my whole wardrobe and b) I HATED all the clothes which were out there.

      Keep us updated when you start seeing a more substantial change in how things fit!



  4. Posted by Lee-Anne on September 3, 2011 at 12:41 pm

    Hey there babe,
    So sorry to hear your work news. No wonder you needed a glass of wine, it would have been a shock. Hope it all works out well. I’m sure you will find something new in no time. Thinking of you sweetie.
    LA 😉


    • Yeah, I’m sure it’ll work out ok. It was hinted to me that there would perhaps be another job in the org that I could apply for, but no details of the “new structure” will be revealed until Tuesday of next week. We’ll have to wait and see. I’m zen about it now – I’m just glad they told me before the weekend, rather than on Monday when they said they were going to…


      PS – did you watch Dr Who this evening? How CLASSIC was it!? I love Gatiss.


  5. So sorry to hear about the bad news — I would have needed a few glasses of wine too.

    Hang in there…you’re doing great!


  6. Sorry to hear you’ve been served the ‘R’ word at work. I’m sure you’ll have a better job in no time as you’re a confident, capable and outgoing woman. Very jealous of your Wing Sing take away… I’ve been craving their pork and aubergine dish since E’s hen night.


    • Phwoar, I KNOW! How great is the Wing Sing! The Aubergine is to DIE for. I’m slowly converting ZE VURLD to northern Chinese cooking – SO much better than bland, gloopy cantonese crap. 😉



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