Day 29 – Cruise PV

Morning weigh in: 95.6kgs

Daily GAIN: 0.2kgs /0.44lbs
Total loss: 4.3kgs /9.46lbs

Watercheck:  2.1l – tea, coffee, low cal cordial & water


  • Mug of tea
  • 3 microwaved eggs
  • Oatbran porridge with cinnamon


  • Chicken salad

Afternoon snack

  • 3x Carrot cake muffins (I may have overshot my oatbran allowance for the day)


  • Chicken salad again!!


  • 20 min cycle to and from work
  • 30 min walk around the Meadows
  • 29 squats
  • 10 lunges each leg

A Very Good Day. Well, aside from the muffins and their excess oatbran index. Not to worry – aside from that I was a veritable angel all day.

I’ve been working on my CV all evening, so no time for nattering on the blog, I’m afraid. Up on the scales, but no biggie – I’m always up on a Monday, due to the early-ness of the weigh-in compared to the day before. I’m still down a kilo from where I was this time last week, so you’ll hear no complains from me.

Off to bed with me now… 🙂

One response to this post.

  1. Started my squats on Sunday…. my arse hurts, LOL. Going to increase them daily as per your way of doing it.
    From the start I added a full minute of walking over the 20 minutes each day, so my walks are getting longer and longer.
    Can’t wait to try the carrot cake muffins on the weekend!!! Just found out where I can get FF cream cheese, will use sparingly 🙂


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