Day 30 – Cruise PP

Morning weigh in: 95.2kgs

Daily LOSS: 0.4kgs /0.88lbs
Total loss: 4.7kgs /10.34lbs

Watercheck: 1.9l – tea, water and low-cal cordial


  • Mug of tea
  • flaxseed & oatbran bread with extra light philly and vegemite


  • 12 mini chicken satay sticks from Sainsburys
  • 4 cumberland sausages

Afternoon snack

  • fromage frais with cocoa and sweetener
  • 3 carrot cake muffins (without the carrot) – again overshot the oatbran allowance, but again didn’t have much to eat today


  • Ham and cheese omelette


  • 20 mins cycling to and from work
  • 30 squats (three sets of 10, before brushing my teeth, after, and right before bed)

The weather today was horrid. I didn’t walk. However, I am pleased with today’s loss! Mayhap I might see the 94s before the week is out? Here’s hoping.

Things have hit major strategic mode at work, over this whole redundancy thing. None of the people in my office want to lose me, including our director – which is nice. It’s head office in London who are behind my current conundrum. The rest of my Scottish team are all talking about how they can justify keeping me – which is also nice. Interesting times ahead. I’m a bit stressed out about the whole uncertainty of it – I’d much rather just know, y’know? As it stands, it’s not even certain that they ARE going to make me redundant, just that I’m “at risk”.

Not to worry on the diet front though – I’m still managing to avoid the carbs despite the stress, though today was a near miss. I was ready to scoff a giant cookie in the kitchen at work, until I remembered that I had a nice big tub of lovely thick fromage frais in the fridge.

I’m scared that if I have even the smallest bit of forbidden carbs, I’ll open the floodgates and eat ALL OF THE CARBS IN THE WORLD! I’ll become a carb black-hole. Then the universe will be swallowed up by the ever increasing gravity caused by the new celestial body that is me after having eaten all the carbs in the world.

Not a good result. Maybe I’ll just not have carbs, right?

8 responses to this post.

  1. right! 😉


  2. I totally agree — sometimes the stress of not knowing is worse than the stress of dealing with an actual event…it’s the “not knowing” that makes things so much worse…

    Great job avoiding the cookie in the kitchen…hang in there…


  3. Cookies are EVIL! No good has ever come of them 🙂
    Seriously, though. Did you ever think back and say “hm, I really, really should have eaten that”? Never! It took me a while to realize that! Not even the most delicious dish I have passed on has come back to haunt me the next day “I should have eaten that” … just like not once I have regretted not having another drink (or two or three). However, the other way around it has happened! As in “oh, I really shouldn’t have finished that bottle of wine” or “oh, I should have really passed on that cookie/dessert”.

    It was real enlightenment to realize that. And the times I have put it into practice – passed on something totally great (feels crappy in the moment) and then asked myself the next day if I still regretted passing … nope, no regrets! Kind of cool!


  4. Did you ever see that Family Guy episode where Brian is trying to illustrate to Peter that he is fat and has his own gravitational pull by putting a TV into orbit around him !!! love it!!


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