Day 39 – Cruise PV

Morning weigh in: 95.6kgs

Total loss: 4.3kgs /9.46lbs

Watercheck: 1.5l – low cal cordial. Not including the glass of red with dinner. How very non-Dukan of me…


  • Mug of tea
  • Oatbran & Flaxseed bread with extra light philly and vegemite


  • 2 burger patties
  • 4 low-carb cumberland sausages

Afternoon snack

  • *sigh* 3 Oreo biscuits. Dammit.


  • Chicken salad


  • 20 mins cycling to and from work
  • 39 squats (all in one go!)

OK, so I didn’t manage my walk today. And I ate some processed sugar, in the form of some oreo cookies. I’m not proud of myself for that. Take heed, friends. The moment you allow processed sugar back into your life, your body tells you it’s just fine to have more, no matter what your brain tells you. Employ Moonday’s Philosophy liberally. Tomorrow I shall be doing the same. ๐Ÿ™‚

But I did have a very productive evening. We get the keys to our new house in just 8 sleeps – SO EXCITING! So this evening was spent boxing up random stuff. J managed to procure some boxes on his way home from work yesterday from our local wholefoods store (who seem more willing than other businesses to donate boxes, especially if you use the magic word – “recycle”). So we packed boxes. We also protected boxes from the cat, who has a penchant for gnawing on the edges of the flaps. It wouldn’t be so bad if it weren’t for the fact that he tends to chew them to the point where they’re corrugated beyond usefulness – they tend to fall apart once he’s done with them.

I’m feeling positive about the future, job-wise. There are a few options on the horizon that are looking really exciting, so keep your fingers crossed for me over the next week or two. ๐Ÿ™‚

For those lovely Dukaners who’ve got blogs on the go – I’m sorry I’ve not stopped by to comment recently, but I’ve been reading! You all seem to be doing so well, and I shall follow your excellent examples, and eschew the processed sugar in favour of Ketosis.

One response to this post.

  1. You’ve got a lot going on … isn’t it amazing how much stuff accumulates and you never realized until you have to box it up???
    Next times you eat pure sugar, force yourself to eat protein with it or right afterwards to slow down the absorption!!! Otherwise you really do a number on your insulin levels! The few times I have had sugar while on this diet, I have actually gotten stomach cramps…


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