Day 49 – Cruise PV

Morning weigh in: 93.7kgs

Daily LOSS: 0.2kgs /0.44lbs
Total loss: 6.2kgs /13.64lbs

Watercheck: 1.7l – low cal cordial, tea, coffee & diet coke


  • mug of tea
  • flaxseed & oatbran bread with extra light philly and vegemite


  • Chicken tomatoey thingie made by my mum, with leftover cabbage


  • Lamb rogan josh – indian takeaway. No rice. No naan. No poppadoms. And therefore, no post-indian carb-coma, yay!


  • 3 trips of house moving across town, and all the up and down stairs involved in that
  • 15 mins cycling to and from the Indian takeaway to pick up our order

Wow, the loss continues, I’m so glad! I suspect that after the indian this evening, that won’t continue tomorrow, but I tell you what, it was very much needed. It’s been another big day!

We are progressing well with the move. We’re almost at the point where we can start dismantling furniture, and the last room to be properly done is the kitchen. The rest of the rooms have been gutted and look like bomb sites – but bomb sites that will be easily cleaned up once we go through each one with a cardboard box for keepsies and a garbage bag for chucksies.

Tuesday we hire a van and a couple of helpers to help out with the big furniture. I think that’s going to be the most stressful part of the move – the van. Vans scare me (or rather, the threat of accidentally scratching a van and someone else’s car scares me) and some of the roads we have to drive down are decidedly narrow. But J will be driving as I’ve not yet sorted out swapping my Aussie driver’s licence for my British one. Heh heh heh… 😉

My folks are heading off tomorrow, which is sad. It’s been fabulous having them here – it’s not been stressful like you might expect having houseguests to stay right in the middle of a house move. I was determined that they weren’t going to lift a finger, that they were our guests, but my mum has ended up cooking for us, my dad has helped pack boxes and cart them downstairs, and both of them have been wonderful for moral support. They’ve moved house 10 times in my lifetime, three times internationally, so they’re pretty old hands at this whole house-moving malarkey. Plus, my mum cooks a mean low-carb feast – and they’re both on board with the low carb thing. In fact, my dad did Atkins a few years ago and basically cured his diabetes. So it’s actually been really easy having them with us. Yay for non-stressful parental visits! 🙂

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  1. Sorry I haven’t been commenting lately … I was away from the computer for a few days! Great to see you making such progress!!! Have a great rest of the move!!!


  2. Posted by Caroline marks on September 26, 2011 at 8:38 pm

    Hi Charlotte glad to hear your move is going well – we just moved into a caravan for 2 weeks as we are having major renovations on our house. The builders suggested we vacated for a couple of weeks whilst they take off the roof! With us, 2 kids and 2 dogs it’s cosie but at least we’re safe. like you we packed our house contents into boxes and moved most of our stuff into garage, shed and garden chalet – what fun!
    I wanted to ask you what the cheese is in the ham & cheese omelette you have?
    we are doubling up on our PP days this week as we have a social weekend ahead of us and don’t want to be too strict with the diet for a couple of days! Caroline 🙂


  3. Posted by Robs on September 27, 2011 at 1:43 am

    Hey Charlotte

    you’re sounding WELL to say the least 🙂
    Sorry I haven’t commented in a while, but I too have been a busy Buzzzzzy little bee & sticking to the program!!!!
    Tomorrow I’ll know what I’ve lost in these past few weeks! Ohhhh boy… A little nervous, but excited too. Either way it’s working… 🙂

    Take care & WELL DONE!!


  4. Posted by Robs on September 27, 2011 at 11:07 am

    Ok… So… I weighed myself and…..
    Lost *6kg’s* in just under 5weeks! I’m pleased, but still have another 14kg’s to go.

    A BIG CONGRATS to you & J on your new home!!! Yes it’s a lot of work, but such a great feeling too!


  5. Charlotte this is awesome! Soo proud of you… you’re doing great. How exciting is it to move to a new house, ha?! 🙂 – Congratulations! It’s totally worth the work! Keep it up!


  6. Nice effects! I’m here for the first time, I think I’ll be visiting your blog from time to time.
    I wish you all the best 🙂


  7. How are you settling in? its funny Ive always pictured you with a scottish accent but are you actually australlian or a ‘mongerel’ like me?


  8. Charlotte!, Where are you? Missing your witty self xoxo hopeall is well and you’re getting settled in from your move..


  9. Posted by slimC! on October 10, 2011 at 11:04 am

    We miss you Charlotte!!! How’s the new house? all settled?


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