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Cruise day 70 – PP

Morning weigh-in: 97.1kgs

  • Daily LOSS 0.5kg/1.1lbs
  • Total lost 15.2kg/33.44lbs

Watercheck – 2.2l by 21.55pm


  • oatbran porridge
  • 2x microwaved eggs
  • cup of tea

Morning snack

  • Strawberry Muller Light


  • Chicken fajita strips

Afternoon snack

  • Cup of coffee with milk & sweetener
  • Mini babybel light


  • 2 1/2 Pork loin steaks, trimmed of all fat


  • 25 minutes cycling to and from work
  • 70 min walk around the Meadows

Last day of my mini attack, and I can’t WAIT for vegetables again tomorrow.  I’m planning to take some of my frozen veggie soup to work, and am going to enjoy EVERY spoonful.

Nice result on the scales this morning too – down to my lowest weight since starting all this.  I was feeling fantastic this afternoon for my walk too – I’d only planned on doing a 45min buzz around the Meadows, but it was such a lovely brisk evening and the music from my walking playlist was reaching down into my legs and sending me on longer faster strides, so I ended up deciding to take advantage of the feeling, and go for a big longer. Before I knew it, my walk timer had pinged past an hour, and it was time to head home! 🙂

Special shout-out today to one of my favorite Californians, JeanneB, who’s decided to start the Dukan Diet.  I’ve hopefully given enough advice for the shopping list for Attack – but if anyone has any suggestions for the shopping list, please add them to the comments! 🙂

Of course, my first advice to anyone starting the diet is to read the BOOK – from cover to cover!! It’s a delightful read, full of anecdotes and logic, and is very accessible – very well translated from the French (though some of the French idioms peek their way through sometimes, but in the most charming of ways)

Onwards and upwards (or downwards, as the case may be…)

Cruise day 58 – PP

Waiting for the Whoosh…

Morning weigh-in: 99.2

  • Daily loss 0.0kg/0.0lbs
  • Total lost 13.1kg/28.82lb

Watercheck – 1.8l by 21.00 – incl tea and tapwater


  • 2x microwaved egg
  • oatbran porridge (reduced oatbran to compensate for muffins later)
  • cup of tea

Morning snack

  • Cup of tea
  • Chocolate oatbran muffin


  • Chicken fajita thigh pieces

Afternoon snack

  • Cup of coffee
  • Chocolate oatbran muffin


  • Chicken fajita pieces
  • 2x pork meatball with yoghurt dip


  • 25 min cycle to and from work
  • 20 min cycle around town for errands at lunch time
  • 55 min walk around the Meadows + 8 min run

So, yet another day in the 99s.  I think (I hope!) this is the pre-whoosh plateau – my eating habits and my exercise habits haven’t changed, so I suppose it must be the water retention that my fat-cells do before finally giving up and getting rid of all the water.  I’m not getting disheartened, I’m just gonna plough on through and keep doing what I’m doing. 🙂

This evening was just beautiful for a walk/run.  The Edinburgh Festival is in full swing, and a freak combination of ominous looking storm clouds and spontaneous sunlight peeking through made the light pretty special.  I ended up zig-zagging my way around all the various criss-crossing paths in the park, doing three sides of each triangle but never once retracing my steps.  And it was EASY! These past few days, walking has been a bit tiring, and sometimes I’d be struggling to keep up with the music.  But today everything felt smooth and glidey, no effort at all, hence back to running again.  I’m hoping that this may be my body getting ready to whoosh away the excess water, cause I’m getting pretty sick of this station…

Oh, and I’d also like to point out – today: no tolerated foods, unless you count the chocolate oatbran muffins, which contained part of my daily oatbran allowance so they were kinda neccessary! 😉

My fave walking tracks

Great disco tracks for a good walking pace

  1. YMCA – The Village People. A nice brisk pace without feeling like you’re having to push it.
  2. Canned Heat – Jamiroquai: I love this song so much – reminds me of that great dance scene in Centre Stage
  3. I Gotta Feeling – Black Eyed Peas: If you’ve not yet seen the live Black Eyed Peas concert with Oprah Winfrey, you gotta go check it out on Youtube like, NOW! And you’ll love this song foreverafter, if you don’t already.
  4. Shake Your Groove Thing – Peaches & Herbs: This is always the one that I feel I need to start running too – it’s pretty fast for walking, so I feel a bit like I’m tripping over my toes, but if I can keep up, then it’s not a huge stretch to fall into a gentle jog.  Walking very fast after running to this feels like a breeze.
  5. September – Earth Wind & Fire: A good one for warming up or cooling down – a fairly easy pace, but still brisk
  6. I Love the Nightlife – Alicia Bridges: A good hip-swingin’ choon at a great pace.
  7. Young Hearts Run Free – Candi Station: another good one for warming up or cooling down.
  8. It’s Raining Men – Weather Girls: too fast to walk to, to slow to run to.  However, the original version by the Weather Girls has all disco soul a girl could ask for – it gets my blood pumping!
  9. We Are Family – Sister Sledge: great for the end of the walk – the pace is a little slower so I can lengthen my stride and swing my hips a bit, which helps loosen me up.
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