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More progress photos

Jo suggested that I post up another Progress In Photos shot, and so, inspired by Lauren’s recent photo shoots, here are mine:

Me right before I started the diet, at about my all-time highest weight:

Aaand then here’s me at 10 weeks into the diet:

And finally, here’s one I took today at 21 weeks in (feeling a bit worse for the wear, was home sick today, but I did the makeup to keep the photos comparable.)

Urgently need a haircut in the shot above, but that’s going to be my reward in another 9lbs or so, once I hit 60lbs lost.  I got the last haircut at 30lbs, so it’s only fitting.

Progress in photos

So, in celebration of losing 15kg (officially 40% of the way to my target weight) I thought I’d post up some Then and Now pictures, to see how my face has changed in the last 10 weeks – this is really encouraging for me!

Here’s a photo taken about 2 weeks before I started the Dukan Diet.  I’d have considered this to be a flattering shot of me (none of this miserable looking before-shot, and ecstatic looking after-shot – I hate diet websites that look like that!)

And here’s me from photos taken last weekend, after nearly 10 weeks on the diet:

There’s still a double chin there, but cheekbones are finally beginning to make themselves known again – hurray! 🙂  Perhaps I’ll share another photo in another 15kgs…

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