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I’m sorry, no weigh-ins or blogging these past few days. I’ve had the double whammy of being off work sick, and of course the inevitable lady times… This has lead to a bit of naughtiness, I’ll admit. J and I had an indian the other night, and I’ve had the odd cookie and chocolate over the past couple of days. Bad girl.

But that all ends today. I’m back to being determined today. I had an OK day – I ate a good PP day, except for one stray Oreo biscuit. Back on things properly from tomorrow, including a good walk. ­čÖé

Day 278 – Cruise PP

Morning weigh-in: 93.9kg

  • Daily GAIN 0.8kgs / 1.76lbs
  • Total lost 18.4kg/40.48lbs

Watercheck ÔÇô 2.3l – diet coke, tea, and water. ┬áThis doesn’t include all the alcohol I had later on.


  • 2x microwaved egg
  • oatbran porridge
  • cup of tea

Cinema snacks

  • 1 popcorn
  • some ben & jerrys fro-yo


  • 2x chicken nandos chicken breasts


  • three fruity cocktails


  • 15 min walk to the cinema

I did a massive movie marathon at the cinema today, catching up on all the films that I nearly missed out on, and getting good use out of my Unlimited card at Cineworld. ┬áI managed to fit three films in over the course of an afternoon/evening – ┬áRango (meh), The Adjustment Bureau (awesome), and True Grit (pretty good).

I wasn’t too fussed by the jump on the scales today – I’m a day late on my period, and a massive jump like that (without having eaten pizza or massive amounts of bread) can only mean one thing – I’m about to enter that time of the month. Sure enough, by halfway through my movie marathon, I was reaching for the painkillers against the onset of the first cramps.

I never judge myself too harshly on the first day of my period, I have to say. ┬áThe pain’s enough to have to go through without having to bear the guilt of the extra food that I feel is my right as a woman in pain. ┬áHence┬áthe popcorn and icecream at the cinema. It’s one day, and I’m delicate.

Same with the cocktails. ┬áThe cramps had really kicked in by the time I’d come home from the cinema, and a bit of booze does actually help with the pain…

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