Day 293 – Cruise PP

Morning weigh-in: 94.0kg

  • Daily LOSS 0.1kg / 0.22lbs
  • Total lost 18.3kg/40.26lbs

Watercheck – 1.1l – not enough! 1 cup of tea, 2 cans of diet coke.

Late brunch

  • 3x microwaved eggs
  • oatbran porridge
  • Mug of tea

Afternoon grazing

  • 1 mini babybel light
  • 2 fat free no added sugar chocolate puddings
  • 3 moist vanilla muffins (twice my recommended dosage of oatbran today, not good)
  • a packet of “french fries” crisps – hangover cure extraordinaire.
  • a spoonful of peanut butter


  • 1 mini quiche
  • 1 slice of cathedral city cheese
  • 1 slice of ham


  • 15 min walk to and from the shops

Oooh, what a brutal hangover this morning.  It was all I could do to get out of the house and go down to the shop, let alone go exercise.  Also, my weigh-in was about 5 hours late today, so I’m sure that skewed the scales.  Last night’s illicit boozing won’t help matters on the scales tomorrow.

I’m never drinking again.  I know I say that all the time. But this time I mean it.  What’s that? You don’t believe me?

You could be right… 😉

So I feel like I spent the whole afternoon in the kitchen, once I’d recovered my balance and my ability to feel like I wasn’t about to retch.  I made up four batches worth of dry mixture for the Flaxseed-oatbran bread – that’s 12 days worth.  And I ground my own flaxseed meal in the coffee grinder, cause I was too lazy to go down to the healthfood store to buy more. Of course, after I’d done all the grinding, I realised we were out of baking powder, so I had to go out anyway.  Meh.

Then I made some moist vanilla muffins, which were totally yummy.  J and I wolfed them down over the afternoon rather than leaving them as snacks for the next few days.  I think I’ll add a pinch of salt to the mixture next time, to give it a bit more depth.

And then after that, I made up 12 mini quiches with ham as the base – they worked out really really well.  I need to remember this recipe and do more of it, though there’s a lot of chopping involved – it’s a bit labour intensive.  My recipe is loosely based around Laura’s one and a few others I’ve found online, but I’ve made a few changes based on personal preferences – I hate cottage cheese, for example.  And rather than Babybel light, I used a small bit of Grana Padano (like parmesan) for added flavour.  I’ll post my version soon.

Happy Clocks Forward Day, by the way! It’s so nice to have more light in the evenings at last.  NO EXCUSES not to go out for a walk or ride after work now. Especially not with Dave & Ruth’s Devine Walking Playlist ideas.  Katy Perry – genius idea! 🙂

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