Day Three – Attack

Morning weigh in: 98.9kg

Daily GAIN: 0.3kgs / 0.66lbs (grr)
Total loss: 0.9kgs / 1.98lbs

Watercheck 1.8l coffee, coke zero & water


  • 2 microwaved eggs with half a slice of cheese
  • oatbran porridge with sweetener & cinnamon

Morning snack

  • 5 mini quiches (They froze well, Lauren. I had them thawing in my bag and just dumped them on a plate in the microwave. Had to drain off the liquid after heating, but they were quite tasty! Lots of envious comments from those in my office.)


  • Taco mince with Total 0% greek yoghurt and a little salsa & low fat cheese
  • the other half of the tub of 0% yoghurt with some sweetener

Afternoon snack

  • a handful of peanuts (not strictly Dukan, but never hurt me before. If I’m not down on the scales tomorrow, I’ll not have any more.)


  • chicken breast with a feta and spinach sauce. Not PP, I know, but I was out with relatives visiting Edinburgh briefly for the festival. And it was really tasty!
  • glass of wine (oops)


  • 25 mins cycling to and from work
  • 30 mins walking to and from dinner with relatives – in the massive downpour of Edinburgh Summer Rain. Lovely.

Up this morning on the scales. I’m not panicking – I was down way too much the day before, I’m almost wondering whether it was a mistake. (Fingers crossed.)

Had a lovely dinner with my uncle, aunt and cousin, and J and I walked home through the rain. And it was – oh my GOD it was raining. Hard. I was wearing sandals, which I actually prefer in that kind of weather – I’d much rather get my feet wet directly on the skin than have a layer of wet shoe between me and the puddles. J didn’t believe me – he thought I was making it up so as not to let him feel smug when he’d warned me earlier about leaving the house in that weather with sandals (even though I’d deliberately changed shoes so that if my feet got wet, it would be sandals rather than trainers)

So, like I said, J wasn’t believing me, and so eventually I had to prove my point by folding up my umbrella and just letting the rain soak me to the bone. We walked for a little ways like this, with me wading through massive puddles (omg so much fun!) before J finally  grinned, muttered something like “OK, I’ll bite” and took his shirt off (I’m not sure I could have loved him more at this point!) We walked home like that through the park, in the dark rain – him barechested, me bare-footed, and arrived home absolutely sopping wet – to the point where we basically had to strip off just inside the door to keep from dripping all over the carpet.

Such fun.

However, in an effort to spite me, my body is now starting to rebel against my impromptu cold shower. The itchy throat that started out this morning is starting to develop into heavy, sore tonsils. *sigh*

5 responses to this post.

  1. Hey !!!
    Good to hear that you started again. I moved back home to Iceland 7 weeks ago and during these 7 weeks I have managed to start my new job, by an apartment and a car and I met a guy. So I´ve kind of been too busy to do any kind of diet. Haven´t been doing the Dukan properly since February I think and I´ve put on some weight just like you and Lauren. Seriously considering to start again but I always find some excuses to postpone it !


    • BELLA!!! You’re still around, yay! 🙂 I totally hear you about life getting busy and this diet taking up so much time!! Congratulations on the new apartment! J and I have just finalised the paperwork to buy a house here in Edinburgh – must be something in the air.

      Restart when you’re good and ready – I know from experience that it’s no good just trying to restart if you’re only half there in your head. And even maintaining is super hard when you’ve just met someone – there’re so many nice meals to be had and fun things to cook and wine to drink… Don’t worry, you’ve done it before though, so you know what to do and how to do it, when you’re good and ready.



  2. Sounds very romantic. J sounds like my Alex not beleiving me, thinking it’s so I dont have to admit he’s right!


  3. I have been checking your blog every now and then and it is good to see that you’re back on it!
    Good luck and as you know – it will get better after the attack phase! 😉


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