What’s the best day for blogging new recipes?

Fellow WordPress bloggers will know that WordPress has a fantastic little statistics section that gives you an idea of who’s looking at what content on your blog.  My Fave Recipes page is the second most viewed page on the blog, preceded by the homepage (obviously) and followed by the Progress Tracker page – so glad it’s useful for folk. I need to go in and see if I can improve it at all – it was banged together in no time flat, and probably could be made up to look much prettier if I spent an hour or so on it…

Anyway, I found it interesting to see that most of the peaks in my blog’s visitor graph appear on a particular day of the week. (I’m not going to say which yet, so as not to skew the results of my poll below.) And most of the peaks in the Fave Recipes visitor graph are also on that same day of the week. Now, I know that correlation does always indicate causation, I did stats at uni and both my parents are professional statisticians. But in absolute terms, more people seem to be looking for new recipes on that day of the week than any other day of the week.

I’d need to do some more analysis to see if there’s any correlation with other factors – and look at other bloggers’ stats too(!!) – but this kinda tells me something.  It tells me that, as members of an ever-growing community of Dukan Diet bloggers, we can help the people who “lurk” on our blogs by timing our  recipe posts on the evening before that Magic Day, so that they are closest to the top when our Magic Day visitors come to call.

So! It’s time to try out WordPress’s Polling functionality. Long overdue, I know. 😉

  • WordPress bloggers: What days do you generally see the biggest peaks in your visitor stats?
  • OR! If you are a lurker: what day of the week do you usually go searching for new recipes?

2 responses to this post.

  1. What a great idea, Charlotte! I’m very interested to hear the results…

    Also, I liked what you wrote about correlation not implying causation. I do stats as my part-time job, and that’s one of the things that my professors were forever trying to drill in our heads. 🙂


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